seeing fish
is the first step
to protecting them

Visifish is driving innovation with machine vision and enhancing technical innovation of precision aquaculture by bringing to market solutions using Big Data and Deep Learning, and is led by four seasoned executives with backgrounds in technology development for the insurance industry, artificial intelligence, engineering and finance.

Although we may be under water to help our customers, we will be striving for good investor returns by pursuing a blue ocean strategy – products and services combining differentiation and low cost.

Visifish sees itself as a “born-global” enterprise and will be seeking to bring its skills to bear on the issues faced by aquaculture farmers worldwide.

Partner of Ignition

The increasing demand of high-quality animal protein by a growing world population has put extreme pressure on livestock products, and in particular, on the aquaculture sector. There is also an increase on the general public awareness of production systems environmental sustainability and animal welfare.

The IGNITION project aims to gather new knowledge in animal welfare in the context of climate change, while assessing and developing new strategies to improve animal health through non-invasive tools.

funded by EU funded by Innovate UK

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Improved welfare and delousing efficacy of farmed cleaner fish

The project, led by the University of Stirling’s Institute of Aquaculture, Swansea University and Otter Ferry Seafish, and supported by Visifish will look at the best ways to identify high-performing ballan wrasse and lumpfish using artificial intelligence (AI) and imaging technology.
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Visifish is already collaborating with aquaculture centres of excellence and participating with universities in a number of co-operative research programmes in order to ground its solutions in world-leading expertise, and is open to more.

Research Scholarship Opportunity


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Lights Camera Action

Our design concepts for financially inclusive underwater cameras offer a cutting-edge solution for monitoring and managing aquatic environments. Designed to be versatile, they can be used in various setups such as cages, runs, and tanks. These cameras come in mono and stereo designs, providing flexibility to capture high-quality video streams for machine vision.

However, we have developed a seamless system that utilizes the video feeds from cameras already available in aquaculture farms. By leveraging this infrastructure, we can enhance the software capabilities without requiring any significant additional investments into new hardware.

Visifish Cameras

Using AI to validate a hypothesis

Machine vision involves the development of algorithms and systems that enable machines to perceive, interpret, and understand visual information. Leveraging deep learning, transfer learning, and simulation techniques, we can use non-intrusive methods and enhance the process of validating hypotheses using machine vision. We are here to integrate and develop your AI vision using machine vision.
Thought-provoking trajectory

We are a Precision Aquaculture Boutique developing non-intrusive monitoring with machine vision using proven strategies, technologies and friendly technical doers that will work to produce the best outcome possible.